Frequently Asked Questions

The Rewards Program allows you to earn points by making purchases of eligible products or participating in specific activities. Members can redeem points on a range of things like feed, supplements, merchandise and even donate to a charity.

  • Purchase one or multiple eligible products in a single transaction and take a photo of your receipt
  • Follow link to sign up OR visit the website link and follow the sign-up steps to sign up. You only have to sign up once.
  • Upload your receipts showing purchase of eligible Mitavite products. Once receipt is validated, points will be applied to your account.

Please follow the below steps to upload a receipt

  • Login into your account
  • Click the on the “UPLOAD RECEIPT” tab on the top of the page Enter the number of Qualifying Products Purchased
  • Click the "SUBMIT" button
  • Click on the dotted area which says "Select or drop files here" to select the receipt image from your phone or computer. You can also drag and drop your receipt image into this box.
  • Click the "SUBMIT RECEIPT" button once your receipt image(s) have been added.

Qualifying receipt must be submitted within six months of purchase date.

In most cases, it takes approximately 48 hours for the points to get added to your account.

You can view all Eligible products here

No copies or facsimiles will be accepted.

Qualifying receipts should be entered between Oct 01, 2018 and Sep 01, 2021. Please make sure that you submit your receipt within six months of purchase date.

Take a picture of the receipt and the following must be showing:

Store name, ABN or GST No., date of purchase, eligible product name, price and payment confirmation. Sorry – blurry images can’t be accepted.

  • Purchase: Complete an in-store or online purchase of an eligible product and keep your receipt. Then, follow the instructions provided on the Rewards Program website to scan and upload a copy of your receipt to earn X points for each eligible product purchased specified on the receipt. Receipts can only be submitted once, and the date of purchase and eligible product(s) must be legible on the receipt.
  • Sign Up: Follow the instructions provided on the Rewards Program website to receive 100 points when you initially sign up. Members can only receive these 100 points once. Members signing up before Dec 31, 2018 will be awarded 200 points. Then sign up reward points would revert to 100.
  • Watch Video: Follow the instructions provided on the Rewards Program website and watch the provided video in its entirety to earn 50 Bonus points. Users who do not complete watching the video will not receive any points. Users may watch a video as many times as they would like but will only receive 50 points once for each respective video. Additional videos will be posted so be sure to keep an eye on them.
  • Referred User: Follow the instructions provided on the Rewards Program website to invite friends and family to join up. When a referred user signs up for the Rewards Program you will earn 50 bonus points. Limit of three referrals per member for a maximum of 150 bonus points per person via this method. Members must only refer friends and family members with whom they have an existing relationship with.
  • Mitavite 12 Week Diet Analysis Review: Once you have received your free diet analysis you can take part in the 12 week challenge. After 12 weeks email us a before and after photo of your horse with a review on how your horse the free diet analysis form, email a before and after photo of your horse with a summary of your experience throughout the challenge and you will earn 100 bonus points.

Registration is free. You can create one account per person and start earning points today!

To be eligible for Membership, you must:

  • be an individual; 
  • be aged 15 years or older; and
  • have a valid and working e-mail and postal addresses.
  • Must live in either Australia or New Zealand

You cannot be an organization or group of individuals – refer to our Terms and Conditions for more information

  • You will need to have a smart phone.
  • Go to the Mitavite Rewards Website on your phone.
  • Apple phone – Safari - click on the Action button (square box with arrow pointing up)  Select Add to Home Screen.
  • Android phone – Tap the three vertical dots to the right of the address bar. Tap Add to Bookmarks, Tap the down arrow in the ‘Add to’ field and select Home Screen.

Registered Horse Rescue Charities that are run as a 'not for profit' are welcome to apply. Please email us at and we will send you a form to fill in.

You will receive your feed or supplement Rewards voucher by post within 2-4 weeks. This can be redeemed at your Mitavite retailer.

No there aren’t any fees and charges, we don’t even take any credit card details. This reward program is completely free.

We pay for postage.  You do not need to pay for anything.

Yes they expire after 24 months, however you will receive an email when you have 30 days left so you can use your points expiring points.

No sorry you can’t transfer your rewards points to another membership account.

We want to make sure you are happy with your item/s.  If the size isn’t right or the item is faulty, please email us within 30 days of receiving it, to let us know and return the item to us via post to:


3 Pile Road, Somersby NSW 2250 Australia

The item must be unused and in its original condition.

Problems with feed or supplements that you have picked up from a store, you will  need to return it back to the store and they will sort out credits direct with us.